What is Maidfantastic?2019-07-02T07:41:27+00:00

Maidfantastic is a leading cleaning agency serving customers and clients across Manchester. We can supply with the services of highly-experienced and fully vetted cleaning professionals and can help you with regular, deep and end of tenancy cleaning. You can count on us to treat you and your home with the utmost respect and match you up with a reputable cleaning hero within just 60 seconds.

What will happen during the first clean?2018-07-07T06:33:59+00:00

As everyone’s needs are different, we offer a tailored service. When you first meet up with your cleaner, you’ll get the chance to show them around your home, tell them what you want to be cleaned and show them where your cleaning supplies are.

I am not always around – can I leave a key?2018-07-07T06:32:15+00:00

If you do want to leave a key somewhere so you can go about your business without being forced to wait around, this is no problem. You can leave keys with neighbours, in lock boxes or in discreet places such as under pots or mats. Just make sure we know where you have left it.

How can I make a booking?2018-07-07T06:29:55+00:00

If you are ready to make a booking, simply give us a call on xxx xxxx xxx. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to make a call or would prefer to get in touch with us another way – you can also use the short form on our website and we will get back to you promptly. During this discussion, we will talk to you about your specific requirements, pricing options and schedule in your first clean.

Do I need to supply any equipment or products?2018-07-07T06:28:44+00:00

Deep cleaning / End of tenancy cleaning

We can provide absolutely everything when you opt for a deep clean or end of tenancy clean, so don’t worry about a thing.

Regular cleaning

You will need to provide a mop, bucket and hoover, though we can sort out of everything else if you are happy with this. However, many customers like us to use their products, so if this sounds like you we recommend that you provide:

  •     Cleaning cloths
  •     Feather duster
  •     Scratch-free sponge
  •     Toilet Cleaner
  •     Limescale remover
  •     All-Purpose cleaner
Can I change my cleaner if I am unhappy?2018-07-07T06:24:43+00:00

Of course. This is no problem at all. If you are not satisfied with the work your regular cleaner has been carrying out, just give us a call or send an online support request so we can arrange an alternative. As we are an agency, we have access to a huge range of cleaners. This means we are very confident we can supply you with someone that can serve you well.

Will my cleaner be insured?2019-06-18T08:00:03+00:00

Your cleaner will be fully insured. Cleaners require public and employers liability insurance to become part of the Maidfantastic family and begin working with us.

Getting in touch

Why not contact us today on 0208 050 1598 if you do wish to book regular cleaning in London? Get in touch today to hear more about your pricing options and book your first clean in.

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